Chianti DOCG “Le Terre di Monna Lisa” is bottled in Fattoria La Ripa’s cellars, owned by Monna Lisa and her descendants in the 15th and 16th Centuries, and where  wine is produced from the 1400. This is why on the label, aside of the Gioconda’s portrait, the name of the wine “Le Terre di Monna Lisa” is written using the back to front Leonardo’s handwriting

Its vinification is made with the highest care and with the most modern techniques, always with careful attention to the tradition. The results is an extremely pleasant wine with a very reasonable cost.

Chianti DOCG “Le Terre di Monna Lisa” is to be drunk at room temperature (approx.18°C), with red and white meat dishes, but also with Italian style Pasta, Pizza and other specialities of Italian cuisine. It is also very pleasant cold (12°C) on fish cooked in Tuscan style with large use of spices (“Cacciucco”, “Guazzetto”, etc.).