Extra Virgin Olive Oil is another of the traditional products of Fattoria la Ripa certified “Organic” by Bioagricert.

The olives are picked before complete maturation directly on the plant thus guaranteeing a low quantity of saturated fats, the quality and the fruity taste of oil, yet to the detriment of the yield of production which may be evaluated normally around 13 kg. oil per 100 kg. olives.

It is ideal to season the  salad, and also beans (particularly the “cannellini”) and chick peas, and for sauces. Also particularly for the classic “fettunta” (slices of slightly toasted bread with garlic, oil and salt), the “bruschetta (fettunta with tomatoes on top), the “ribollita” (old bread soup with black cabage), the “pappa col pomodoro” (bread and tomato soup) and other typical tuscan dishes.